Amped Wireless Setup | Wizard

Amped is a wireless router manufacturer and has prestige names in the wireless router business. To grasp the high internet speed on personal devices like laptops, desktop or mobile phones, we need reliable and dual-band routers. Amped allow unique features in their routers and extender which are top-notch in the networking industry. The best part of using amped wireless routers and extenders is the connectivity, amped wireless routers are equipped with high-speed channel wifi signal booster to allow multiple connections simultaneously. The compact design and easy to fit on the corners in a desktop cabinet.

This page will guide you with steps to setup Amped wireless routers and extenders.  If you want a quick fix for the issue or want to know to inquire about something then save your time and contact the support team at the toll-free phone number +1-844-854-6817

Amped Wireless Setup
Amped Wireless Setup

Amped Wireless Setup Wizard

Follow the following steps in order to set up the amped wireless router. These steps will result in Amped wireless extender setup. Chat with us to know steps for any other model of Amped extenders or routers.

Step 1. Unplug current router or modem connected with the computer. Cut the power supply.

Step 2. Connect the amped router with the modem using LAN cable / Ethernet cable.

Step 3. Insert one end of LAN Cable or Ethernet cable into a blue color port at the backside of your router. Then. turn on the power supply to the router.

Step 4. Connect wireless router antennas

Step 5. Connect to home Wi-Fi network using default passkey

Step 6. Open a web browser in your computer, laptop and go to

Note: If you got an error saying log in or password is incorrect. Then, use

Amped Wireless Extender Setup Troubleshooting Steps

The following methodologies can help you to resolve the common issues that everyone could possibly have with these devices. These are conditional situations, according to your issue, it might vary.

Issue 1. Unable to access menu: If you face this type of issue then disconnect your device from connected wireless networks and prefer to use wired internet connection. This act will specify where is an actual issue.

Issue 2. Default setup: This situation takes place when either the amped wireless router is new or reset by pressing the reset button.

Issue 3. Lights not blinking: In case you have connected the device and still, there is no response in indication lights on the router. Please check the power adapter or there might be a possibility that you got a broken one.

Features of Amped Wireless

Amped wireless router give privilege features like MAC address filtering and more. You can check the detailed features list of amped wireless  on this link

Below are some most exclusive features included in amped wireless routers and modems.

Feature 1. Top-notch security protocols: As we all know privacy is the most important nowadays on the internet. Even countries’ administration is keeping the eye on the companies as what they taking from the customer in form of personal details (Name, email, phone number), etc. Amped wireless router provides 128-bit encryption for every bit you transfer over the internet. 128-bit encryption is upper intermediate level set of security protocols designed to defy the hackers.

Feature 2. Blacklist Websites: Amped allows it’s users to block and blacklist phishing websites. Over the course of the period, the internet has become more vulnerable to hacking attacks.

Feature 3. MAC Address Filtering: Amped wireless routers include a feature like MAC address filtering, which allows to filer what devices can connect with your network. Factually this is the best way to avoid unauthorized access.

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